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Bright Man

Bright Man as seen in Rockman Complete Works

Bright Man is a character from the classic Mega Man series. He first appeared in Mega Man 4 as one of the Robot Master bosses.


A Robot Master created by Dr. Cossack and later reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. The bulb shines upon a million acres to shine a brighter light. His main weapon is the Flash Stopper, as it stops his opponents. His weakness is the Rain Flush, as acid can turn off Bright Man's bulb. In the Game Gear version of Mega Man, his main weakness is the Star Crash, as the stars can cut off his bulb.


Mega Man 4[]

Bright Man will run around the room trying to stun Mega Man with his Flash Stopper. First, Mega Man must slide to avoid his landing and then he shoots multiple shots and then uses his Flash Stopper, and Mega Man doesn't have a choice and if he decides to jump when frozen, it's impossible to beat him with his weakness when he used his main weapon. Using the Rain Flush can send in the entire room with acid and this is his weakness. An uncharged Mega Buster and then the Rain Flush should be used and Bright Man does not use the Flash Stopper.

Mega Man 4 (Game Boy)[]

Like in the NES version, Bright Man will do the same pattern, except, he will use the Flash Stopper and then jump at Mega Man. Use an uncharged Mega Buster and then the Rain Flush can make Bright Man cancel the attack.

Mega Man (Game Gear)[]

Bright Man will run around the room, trying to stun Mega Man with the Flash Stopper. It can be too difficult to destroy Bright Man without the Star Crash. Then, Bright Man will use his Flash Stopper to stun Mega Man and then, he will jump at him to do some damage. He will cancel the attack when Mega Man uses the Star Crash multiple times.


  • The reason why Bright Man hates rainy seasons is because rain can turn off his light bulb.