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Block Man is a Robot Master appearing in Mega Man 11, as one of the eight Robot Masters Dr. Wily stole to carry out his experiments with the Double Gear System. He was created by Dr. Light to work on exterior construction sites with his ability to generate stone blocks and stack them up, and was apparently one of the good doctor's most beloved creations. However, he was stolen and modified for combat by Dr. Wily, who outfitted Block Man with an experimental Power Gear to make him even stronger.


  • Block Dropper - Block Man can spawn four stone blocks in the air and make them fall to try and hit Mega Man with them. Mega Man obtains this ability after defeating Block Man.
  • Block Golem - When his health is low, Block Man can use his Power Gear to absorb all the bricks around him to turn himself into a giant golem which will slowly walk towards Mega Man and use his massive arms to try to crush the Blue Bomber. In this form, he can only be damaged by shooting at the bright red button on his chest. Block Man can also throw stone blocks at Mega Man.
  • Block Maelstrom - Once his golem form is destroyed, Block Man will become enraged and keep chucking stone blocks right at Mega Man until he's defeated.


  • Pile Driver - In the demo version of Mega Man 11, Block Man was weak to Impact Man's weapon, probably because his actual weakness wasn't implemented in the demo and Pile Driver was the closest thing to it since it generates an explosion whenever Mega Man hits something.
  • Chain Blast - Since Block Man's body is made primarily of stone, the explosions from Blast Man's weapon can be especially damaging to him.