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Blast Man is a bomb-wielding Robot Master in Mega Man 11 designed by Dr. Light to work as a pyrotechnician, using his knowledge of explosives to provide special effects to movie studios and theme parks. However, Blast Man was stolen by Dr. Wily and subjected to the evil doctor's Double Gear System experiment, resulting in Blast Man being equipped with a Power Gear. After this, Blast Man used his newfound power to lay waste to a movie studio/theme park hybrid and claim it as his own personal playground.

Blast Man is also shown to be a raging narcissist, going so far as to remodel his hideout to display several signs featuring himself as the star of "Blast Man Adventure."


  • Chain Blast - Blast Man launches four floating bombs that home in on Mega Man and explode after a few seconds. Mega Man copies this ability after defeating Blast Man.
  • Blast Barrage - Blast Man lobs a bunch of normal bombs at Mega Man.
  • Air Barrage - Blast Man jumps into the air and slings a bunch of normal bombs down at Mega Man.
  • Air Slam - Blast Man jumps and hurls a bomb straight at Mega Man at the height of his jump.
  • Big Blast - When he's low on health, Blast Man taps into his Power Gear, allowing him to launch bigger bombs with much more explosive force while his movement and attack patterns become more erratic.


  • Blazing Torch - Extreme heat can cause the bombs stored inside Blast Man's body to explode prematurely and damage him, making Torch Man's weapon the ideal method of attack against him.