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For the Street Fighter: The Movie character, see Gunloc.

Blade is a fighting game character from the fantasy-themed arcade game Red Earth where it is one of the eight unplayable boss characters.


The former leader of Leo's bodyguard unit, Blade became Scion's finest and strongest creation. Blade is nothing more than a small emerald crystal, but it calls to itself a large set of armor equipped with a massive sword named Adrayer (アンドレイアー Andoreiā?). Blade was completely constructed by Scion, so it is unquestioningly loyal to the evil wizard.


Attacks and Abilities[]

  • Aster (アステール Asutēru?, lit. "star") - Blade thrusts Adrayer forward.
  • Arctos (アルクトス Arukutosu?, lit. "bear") - Blade swings Adrayer at the opponent.
  • Ares (アレース Arēsu?) - Blade performs a sliding kick towards the opponent.
  • Katoptron (カトプトロン Katoputoron?, lit. "mirror") - Blade's armor breaks apart and flies across the screen, damaging the player if the debris touches them.
  • Pleiades (プレイアデス Pureiadesu?) - Blade swings Adrayer upwards.
  • Selene (セレーネー Serēnē?) - Blade swings Adrayer upward, leaving a green wave behind.
  • Thrasos (トラソス Torasosu?, lit. "boldness") - Blade's armor opens up and conjures a mirror, trapping the opponent inside. Blade then shatters the mirror with Adrayer.
  • Psychronphlox (プシュークロンプロクス Pushūkuronpurokusu?, lit. "cold flame") - Blade fires a demonic flame from Adrayer.
  • Pholos (ポロス Porosu?) - Blade thrusts Adrayer forward and extends it.


  • Blade was originally named named "Jihad" during the game's development cycle, but was renamed to avoid religious conflict with Islam. The name "Jihad" can be seen in the official "All About Warzard" book, which was released the same year as Warzard (Red Earth) in Japan.
  • All of the names of Blade's moves are taken from Greek words, with some being named after mythological figures or star groups.
  • Blade made a cameo appearance in Leo's ending in Capcom Fighting Evolution.
  • "Ancient Gyrelance", a weapon similar to Blade's weapon, can be found in the Monster Hunter series in the Gunlance category.