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Black Widow (ブラック・ウィドー Burakku Widō?) is a fighting game character from the Slam Masters series of wrestling games, making her first and only appearance in Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II. She is the only playable female in the series and her stage is located in Hanover, Germany.



She's stated to sport a lean but muscular frame in a full-body costume, fooling opponents with her flexibility. In-game, her design is androgynous with a deep voice, and advertisements purposefully used neutral Japanese pronouns to leave it up in the air whether or not the character was male or female. Unlike most characters that turn red when 'heated', her costume turns silver.[citation needed]


She is likely modeled after Mariko Yoshida, a female wrestler known for her flexibility, musculature, and full-body costume with a black widow spider motif.


Almost nothing is known about Black Widow's early life, other than that at one point she was in a wrestling match against R. Mika's mentor Yoko Harmageddon, which ended with the latter hurting her neck and waist, forcing her to retire from pro wrestling.[1]

In Black Widow's ending in Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II, she reveals herself to be female (and sports a very female voice) to the crowd. It's never stated exactly why she posed as she did in the game, though given that she is the only female wrestler, it's speculated that the CWA prohibits women from registering.[citation needed]


  • Her unique attack skill is the Frankensteiner.
  • Due to space constraints in some points of the game such as the select screen, her name is shortened to B. Widow. Everywhere else, however, refers to her by her full name.