Bionic Commando: Elite Forces is the third game in the Bionic Commando series of action platform games.
Bionic Commando - Elite Forces (GBC)

Bionic Commando - Elite Forces (GBC)

Bionic Commando Elite Forces


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  • Super Joe (as Commander Joe)
  • Male Commando - one of two playable heroes in the game. The Male Commando is a member of Karinia's Elite Forces- group of bionic soldiers currently engaged in combat with the Avars. The Male Commando does not differ much (if at all) from the Female Commando, with the differences being mostly aesthetic. His default uniform is light blue and red, and his right arm is the bionic arm. The Male Commando's default weapon is the Assault Rifle, and he receives the Rocket Launcher instead of the Pulse Cannon.
  • Female Commando - Her default uniform is bright blue and black, and her left arm is the bionic arm. Her default weapon is the Particle Gun, and she receives the Pulse Cannon instead of the Rocket Launcher. However, like the rest of the differences between them, the differences between the Female and Male Commando's weapons is purely aesthetic.
  • General - the leader of all of Karinia's military forces. Years ago, Arturus was part of the Elite Forces, but was banished when his greed and overwhelming lust for power went out of control. When Arturus returned in command of the Avar army, the General sent Commander Joe, a veteran Karinian hero, to lead their forces to victory, only to have him captured. Desperate, he sent an up-and-coming member of the Elite Forces to rescue Commander Joe and stop Arturus, guiding him (or her) along the way with advice via secret communications.
  • Arturus - Once a member of Karinia's Elite Forces, now the the primary villain and final boss of the game.

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