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Billy (ビリー Birī?) is a character from the Final Fight series, making his first and only appearance in the 3rd installment. He is one of the several minor enemy characters the player character faces.



Billy has a slim but muscular body. He also wears a punk rocker get-up. He wears hand wraps and purple pants that are held up by suspenders. His blond hair is styled up in a mohawk. In his Shadaloo C.R.I. artwork, He is wearing heavy eyeliner. He also wears black boots.


Billy is loud, ostentatious, and rambunctious. He enjoys causing a ruckus and provoking the attention of others, Liking the means more than the results. Despite this, He has a deep knowledge and appreciation for romantic theater and literature and is loyal to his friends.


Billy is a punk rocker who is affiliated with the Skull Cross Gang. He recently came to Metro City from the UK and lives with his friend Ray who he met through a big punk rock event. After one evening of carousing through town, Billy's antics caught the attention of the Skull Cross Gang who invited him to join their ranks.

Fighting style[]

Billy fights like a boxer, Attacking only using his fists. His favorite combo is a series of two jabs followed by an uppercut. Although he is rather weak, He enjoys striking enemies from behind and can be annoying when teamed up with other thugs.