Biff Slamkovich (Aleksey Zalazof in Japan) is the main character from the Slam Masters series of wrestling games.

Story Edit

The son of a Russian senior bureaucrat, Biff has received special education in wrestling since he was a child. He practices an assortment of martial arts (sambo, karate, etc.) and has won many championships. Disliking showmanship, Biff prefers executing his attacks with concentrated power and playing out every move in his head. At one time, he was a student at Mike Haggar's gym, along with his friend/rival and fellow wrestler Gunloc. It upsets him greatly that some individuals consider wrestling to be fake.

Biff has yet to make an appearance in the mainline Street Fighter games, but a character relations chart in Street Fighter V: A Visionary Book lists him as part of the CWA alongside Gunloc.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Biff's quote when losing alludes to the possibility that he was once a training partner and/or is friends with Zangief ("Comrade Zangief was right! You all play cheap!").
  • While the game says that Kiev is in Russia, it is actually located in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine.
  • His favorite attack is the Head Rocker.



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