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Azel is a character from the 3D action comedy beat 'em up game God Hand where he is one of the antagonists.


Mysterious, cold and supremely confident, his left arm is one of the fabled Godhands. Though human, he joins the demons in order to further his own ambitions, calling himself the Devil Hand.

He fights the same way as Gene does, having variations of Gene's roulette moves. Azel was engaged to Olivia by arrangement of her family, to become the Guardian of the Godhands. However he betrays the deal and kills her clan, as well stealing one of the Godhands (while Olivia escaped carrying the other). On his death throes, he launches his Devilhand at Gene, giving Gene the power of both Godhands, which's the only power capable to defeat Angra.


  • He is voiced by Sam Riegel.