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Auto in Mega Man 7

Auto, known as Rightot (ライトット, Rightot?) in Japan, is a character from the original Mega Man series.


Although not introduced until Mega Man 7, it is clear that he has been with Dr. Light for a long while. He is seen to have a large car, and is the mechanic for Dr. Light. Eddie is almost like his pet. He creates items for Mega Man by using Bolts/Screws. In the Japanese version of Mega Man 7, he appears randomly in place of Dr. Light or Roll when Mega Man gets a weapon, making funny comments. Auto appears as an aid in the Rush Jet sections in Mega Man 8, using a cannon to attack enemies. In Mega Man & Bass, he ran a store where, when the player brought him Bolts/Screws, he would make parts. He later appeared in the China-only release Mega Man Strategy.

In Mega Man 9, he returned to his role of running a shop, assisting Roll. He takes screws as currency. He's also responsible for restoring Rush's Rush Jet upgrade after Mega Man beats five Robot Masters.

In Mega Man 10, when the player is using Mega Man, Auto assists Dr. Light rather than Roll as she had the Roboenza virus at the time. When the player is using Proto Man, Auto runs a shop by himself, and appears to be wearing a Met helmet. Humorously, Auto is not identified as such and his name is displayed only as "????". Tango also appears in his shop, napping or playing on the counter.

Other appearances[]

Cameo appearance[]

In Mega Man X3 for PlayStation, he can be seen during Volt Catfish's introduction scene.