Atsushi Mori (森 敦史) is a former Capcom employee who has served as a sound designer as early as 1995, when he was credited with the alias More Rich. Though originally affiliated with Mega Man titles (especially during the PlayStation era), he is mainly involved with the Dino Crisis and Resident Evil series.

Following the release of Okami, Mori left the company and became a member of DesignWave Co. Ltd. in December 2007 (along with former Capcom composers Masato Kouda, Masakazu Sugimori and Kento Hasegawa), where he designed the sound for Vanquish, PlatinumGames' 4th title. This has not, however, prevented him from working on other Capcom titles (such as Resident Evil 5 and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective).

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