Armadura (from Spanish, meaning "armor") is an enemy from the Resident Evil series of survival horror games. It first appears in Resident Evil 4.


Armadura is a Plaga parasite that has taken possession of a suit of plate armor from Ramon Salazar's castle, which provides a sturdy defense. They attack with medieval weapons, such as broadswords and halberds. Their helmets are loosely attached, and once removed will expose the Plaga, which is extremely vulnerable to bright light.

Types Edit

There are two varieties of the Armadura: one in a lighter-colored armor, which tends to contain a scythe-tentacle parasite, while the darker of the two will contain a centipede-type Plaga.

Additionally, some Armaduras may attempt to ambush their victims by staying still until their target approaches, at which point they attempt to hit the target and will then disintegrate.