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Apollus (アポルス) is a minor character in the Power Stone series. He is the faithful manservant/butler to Pride Falcon and, by extension, his son Edward Falcon.


Known for being overdramatic and somewhat whiny, Apollus nevertheless is quite brave when his masters are in danger. Once, in the anime, he even transformed with the power of Falcon's Power Stone to defend them against a powerful monster.

Apollus is frequently abandoned by Edward Falcon and is forced to chase after him.

In his Power Change form, Pride mentions that he resembles Don Quixote.

Power Drives and Power Fusions[]


Ready for battle!

  • Lance of Courage: Don Quixote's lance glows and shoots in the air causing a raindown of light spears. This appears as the item Lance of Lava in Power Stone 2.
  • Knight Rush: He charges at his opponent while his body is embodied with flames.