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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney HD is a visual novel adventure game for the iOS and Android smartphone.[1] It is a port of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth entry in Capcom's Ace Attorney series. In a similar vein to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD, the game features swipe commands, on-screen controls, and "HD sprites". The game was released in English and Japanese for iOS on December 1, 2016 and for Android on December 8.

The base game, which contains the first half of "Turnabout Trump", is available for a small fee. The remainder of Turnabout Trump, as well as the other episodes, can be downloaded as in-app purchases. The episodes can be bought together as a bundle or separately.


The core gameplay of the Ace Attorney series remains, with the traditional courtroom trial and investigation gameplay. Game mechanics such as looking for tells with the bracelet are also present. Players tap the screen to make selections, swipe to cycle through evidence or look around crime scenes, and press and hold dialogue boxes to quickly go through dialogue.

Differences from the original version

  • The game now has case art, whereas the original game did not unlock case art after completing them. The case art features Apollo Justice for Turnabout Trump Part 1, Phoenix Wright for Turnabout Trump Part 2, Trucy Wright for Turnabout Corner, Klavier Gavin for Turnabout Serenade, and Kristoph Gavin for Turnabout Succession.

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