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Chef Antoine

Antoine Thomas

Antoine Thomas is a character from the Dead Rising series of survival horror games. He is one of the bosses in Dead Rising 2.


He was the owner of "Antoine's", a cookware store in Royal Flush Plaza, and called himself "The King of Cuisine". He was going to be interviewed by a reporter from a famous food magazine, but the zombie outbreak in Fortune City destroyed his chance at fame.

Chuck Greene encountered Thomas while searching for a barkeep named Cinda Smith in the Cucina Donnacci restaurant in the Food Court. Antoine mistook Chuck for a magazine reporter, and offered him a meal made from "ingredients nobody has dared to imagine". His preparation for his meals revealed that he had taken Cinda hostage, and that he planned to kill her and serve her as another dish made from human flesh. Chuck insulted Antoine by questioning who would eat Antoine's dish after realizing it was made out of human meat. Antoine, infuriated, picked up a chef knife and implied that he would make Chuck into one of his dishes and attacked.

After he was defeated, he attempted to support himself on a fryer, but his hand slipped, plunging his arm and head into the boiling grease, resulting in death.

Once Antoine is killed, Chuck is given the opportunity to unlock the freezer and rescue the captive barkeep inside.


  • Chef Antoine, after his health is depleted enough, will begin eating one of his "specialty dishes" and regain his health unless attacked again.
  • Oddly enough, Antoine wields a frying pan in combat, even though he picks up a kitchen knife in his pre-fight cutscene.