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Annie Greene, formerly known as Katey, is a character from the Dead Rising series of horror games, appearing in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 3.


Katey is the daughter of motocross champion Chuck Greene and his late wife Pam Greene. After being bitten and infected by her zombified mother when she was four, Katey needed to be given a daily dose of Zombrex to prevent herself from turning into a zombie. In Case Zero, she is four years old; in Dead Rising 2, she is seven.

In the non-canonical Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, she is implied to have either been killed or zombified, thus driving her father into insanity. During Frank's encounter with Chuck, the former motocross star has taped a doll to his back and treats her as if she was the real Katey.

In Dead Rising 3, Katey is seen again 10 years later, now as a teenager and goes by her middle name "Annie", but is still infected and still requires Zombrex. Before the events of the game, Annie met Nick Ramos after she saved him while escaping from a horde of zombies and was later seen in a diner along with other survivors. She's been labeled as an "Illegal", a person that is infected that hasn't been implanted with a microchip to be located and given Zombrex to prevent turning. She travels with her ex-boyfriend Red, who leads a group of illegals throughout the city. Annie left her father two years before the events of the game feeling that she had become a burden to him, due to the pressure of keeping her unregistered and finding Zombrex.

Annie later develops an interest in Nick and near the end of the game begins a relationship with him, and is reunited with her father.