God Hand Angra


Angra (SATAN in the Japanese version) is a character and the main villain of the 3D action beat 'em up game God Hand.

Story Edit

The fallen angel who was slain by the Godhand Warrior years ago. He was almost resurrected by Azel, using Olivia's body as a host. He is the final boss character with two health bars to drain.

He battles Gene in his true demon form, which is gigantic, flat with two spikes on his tail, which is erected over his head. His head has two ram-like horns; he has two hands with opposable thumbs; and he is covered with dark red scales. He teleports around the edge of the tower top, and attacks by flicking off Gene like a booger, swiping with his right hand, striking the ground in his path with his tail-spikes, and generating an energy ball that fires blades that resemble Gene's 'Shockwave' God Reel attack. He occasionally summons demons that can easily be killed and almost always reveal an item (boost or healing).

Angra's most powerful attack is a blast of flame from his mouth, but if the player press the circle button when the 'Counter' command appears, Gene performs a jumping ball buster on Angra in the jaw, preventing the attack and leaving Angra stunned for a few moments. The ending cutscene shows Gene slaying Angra with a flying swarm of energy fists.

Trivia Edit

  • He is voiced by Jamieson Price.
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