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Amingo (アミンゴ?) is an original fighting game character created for Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.


Amingo is a member of a race known as the "Man-Plants" (人植物 hito-shokubutsu?), characterized by their cheerful and gentle personality[1][2]. Amingo is a round cactus humanoid wearing Mexican clothes and a sombrero, and carrying a guitar with him. Although sentient, Amingo appears to speak exclusively by repeating his own name. His race is scattered around in the form of seeds by a gigantic mother tree found on a certain verdant country, and they grow up into a human-shaped form after reaching a plot of land.[2] Amingo can reshape his entire body into several plant-based forms for some of his attacks, and can plant smaller, little cactus-like lifeforms to assist him in battle.

When a cursed wind blowing from the seas starts killing off all plant life on land, Amingo decides to venture on a journey to find its cause.[1][2] During his quest he encounters the female pirate Ruby Heart and joins her.[2] He'd discover the cause of the cursed wind is the awakening of the ancient Armor of Erosion.

During the ending's ride back home on Ruby Heart's ship, he can be seen onboard offering a flower to Marvel character Shuma-Gorath (Arcade version) or Rogue (home consoles version).

Other appearances[]


  • Amingo is often believed to have been originally a character from a planned but eventually canceled Capcom game. This, however, has never been corroborated by any official source and is merely a rumor.
  • Similarly, he's sometimes also stated to have been a rejected character from Darkstalkers, another rumor with no known basis. This is most likely an assumption coming from Ruby Heart being the only one officially confirmed to be as such.


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