Amber is the main protagonist in the beat 'em up game Crimson Tears.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Created in the form of a nineteen year old woman, Amber is a deadly melee fighter. She's fairly balanced in terms of health, defense and attack power. She's quick with her weapons and agile defense, and she can wield a large variety of bladed weapons. In combat, Amber's most notable ability is her use of twin bladed weapons to decimate her enemies in a flurry of strikes.

When she is equipped with one sword, knife or blade, the player can select a second weapon of the same type from her inventory to have her dual-wield both weapons. For instance, she can wield two Japanese swords simultaneously, but not one blade and one knife. While this ability devastates almost any foe, it also causes Amber's meltdown gauge to rise rapidly. To use Amber throughout a long dungeon, the player must use a lot of Cooling items, probably more than can be carried into the zone, or else she should wield only one weapon for part of the trip.

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