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Alien vs. Predator is a 1994 beat 'em up arcade game developed and distributed by Capcom. It was one in a line of crossovers of the Aliens and Predator franchises, though there was only one arcade game, and Capcom produced none of the console games.


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Selectable charactersEdit

  • Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa ( リン・クロサワ, Rin Kurosawa) - is the latest in cyborg technology. The product of ambitious Japanese corporations, Linn Kurosawa combines superhuman strength (although lesser than the Predator race), speed, familiarity with all types of weapons, and a prototype programming that gives her command over virtually all the martial arts ever created. She is especially adept in the Japanese sword art of Kendo, among other styles. She uses a katana blade as a personal defense weapon.
  • Major Dutch Schaefer (ダッチ・シェーファー, Dacchi Shēfā) - roughly based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the original Predator. One arm has been replaced with a cybernetic arm mounting a smart gun. Powerful but slow, Schaefer dashes forward instead of jumping, and his jumping powerbomb is extremely powerful when he grabs an enemy and kills it, or has massive damage after a devastating slam. When he picks up a Pipe or another player's weapon, rather than throwing it, he can swing it repeatedly at enemies.
  • The Predator Hunter (プレデター・ハンター, Puredetā Hantā) - hails from an alien race that thrives on combat, the Predator Hunter is only a title. After landing on Earth while on a hunt, the Predators find an alien outbreak and form an alliance with Lt. Kurosawa and Schaefer. The hunters attacks deal more damage but are shorter in range.
  • The Predator Warrior (プレデター・ウォリアー, Puredetā Woriā) - accompanies the Predator Hunter. His attacks have longer range when compared to the Predator Hunter but they deal less damage.


Planner: Kame, Garuda Tetsu, Uda.T
Programmer: Cham Chochoy, Arikichi, Pon, Hard.Yas, Shinchan
Character Designer: Hayashi, Yus, Shisui, Vlad T., Ban, Kawatori, Shige, Jun 26
Artist: Iwai, Ohnishi.H, Konishi.H, Chie Morisaki, Fukumoyan, Kisa, Angus
Music Composer: Hideki OK
Sound Designer: Toshio Kajino
Capcom USA Support: David Winstead, Alex Jimenez
Special Thanks: Poo, Akiman, Tom, Capcom All Staff


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