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Albinoid (Adult)

The Albinoid are enemies from the Resident Evil series. It is the result of the T-Virus being injected into salamanders in the game Resident Evil CODE: Veronica. It alters their DNA, causing massive growth.


The Albinoid has two different forms.

  • Tadpole - Albinoids as tadpoles have an incredible growth rate, and can generate a stunning electrical shock. This is, however, an infant, and does not possess more power until it is fully grown.
  • Adult - The adult Albinoids have an incredible growth rate, and can generate a large electric shock several times more powerful than the infant. The adult form is considered extremely dangerous.

The player finds this creature fully grown in a water pool, and it's dangerous in this environment. If the player enters the water, the Albinoid will shock the entire area, making it extremely difficult not to get hurt. The player is better off killing it while it swims around the edge of the pool, instead of the player entering the water. It is then possible to retrieve the Eagle Plate from the centre of the pool without killing the Albinoid, but the player must be quick.