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Agni and Rudra.

Agni and Rudra are characters from the Devil May Cry series of action games who made their debut as bosses in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.


Agni and Rudra are a pair of demonic swords wielded by demon hosts who they use to fight on their behalf. They also serve as two of the many gatekeepers of the Temen-ni-gru an ancient demonic structure sealed away by Sparda nearly 2000 years ago.


Dante comes across the brothers in the Firestorm Chamber. They are at first cordial to Dante, discussing how to be "gracious hosts", but when he demands to be let through their gate, they attack. After Dante defeats them, they ask to be taken with him as Devil Arms, and Dante agrees on the condition that they remain quiet, which they repeatedly fail to uphold, for which they are punished.


  • Agni and Rudra are both named after and based off the two Hindu gods of the same names. Agni is the god of fire and Rudra is the god of the storm (believed to be an early form of the Hindu god of destruction, Lord Shiva). Agni is also thought to be the accepter of sacrifices while Rudra is also thought to be a god of diseases.
  • Agni and Rudra, along with the other gatekeepers of the Temen-ni-gru, both represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins respectively. Agni and Rudra represent the Sin of Sloth.