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Acid Man is a Robot Master from Mega Man 11. He was created by Dr. Light with a specialty for chemistry so he could work at a chemical plant. Prior to being stolen by Dr. Wily and having a Speed Gear installed into him, Acid Man was a proficient scientist who took pride in his work, but after being modified for combat he's taken on the personality of a stereotypical mad scientist, constantly performing sick and twisted experiments for his own amusement. He took over the chemical plant he worked at so he could have his own "chemical paradise."


  • Acid Shot - Acid Man shoots several globs of acid at Mega Man.
  • Acid Barrier - Acid Man envelopes himself in a large bubble of acid that protects him from damage that has to be destroyed in order to damage Acid Man. Mega Man obtains this ability after defeating Acid Man.
  • Acid Barricade - When his health is low, Acid Man can generate a stronger Acid Barrier that takes more hits to be destroyed.
  • Acid Surge - When he's low on health, Acid Man activates his Speed Gear, jumps into the pool of acid, and swims through it to create a large wave of acid that has to be jumped over to avoid taking damage.
  • Acid Volley - After performing Acid Surge, Acid Man jumps out of the pool and fires a huge volley of acid globs at Mega Man