PS2 Accel
Full Name Accel
Birthdate N/A (age unknown)
Birthplace N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Blood Type N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style N/A

Accel is a playable character in the Power Stone series, introduced in Power Stone 2.


His persona is that of a cowboy or a gunslinger, though he rarely uses his guns that he shows off when the round starts.

Like all the newly introduced characters in Power Stone 2, Accel's age, hometown, weight, height, and fighting style are unknown. When in Power Change, he is known as the Vagabond Gunman.

Although he originated in Power Stone 2, he was made available for use in the first game in Power Stone Collection.

Story Edit

"When I regained consciousness... I found myself here. They call me Accel: have gun, will travel. I got ambushed by a rough 'n' tough bunch of guys in town. Actually, they tied me to a hot air balloon and let me loose in the skies. Boy, did they get the best of me. My blood is boiling, and my soul thirsts for justice. I have to get out of here. It's time they had a healthy helping of justice pie."

Gameplay Edit

High basic abilities and dual guns are Accel's strength. He only uses his guns to shoot opponents at a distance when using a wall or pole. Accel's speed is high, and after Power Change, his speed is the fastest of all warriors. His buzzsaw Power Fusion is hard to control, but does a lot of damage. In Power Stone Collection, he unlocks the Thunderbolt Rider.

Power Drive and Power Fusions Edit

  • Beat Assault: Shoots many bullets at once.
  • Crazy Revolver (Power Fusion) : Shoots around 5 bullets that home on the opponent.
  • Wild Buzzsaw (Power Fusion) : Turns into a buzzsaw on wheels. The player can control him, and he is much faster. This Power Fusion can be used three times, unlike the other characters in Power Stone 2, which can only be used twice.

Gallery Edit