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A.K.I. (アキ Aki?, Simplified Chinese: 阿鬼) is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter games, appearing as one of the new characters in Street Fighter 6 & a Year 1 DLC character. She is a student of F.A.N.G.



A.K.I. has pale white skin and wears a stylized, open-backed cheongsam in black and skintight black pants. Both feature red trim and appear to be made of snakeskin. She has uniquely-shaped white hair, which appears to be stylized after an Asian conical straw hat or a mushroom. Her eyes are cardinal red, as seen in her teaser trailer. She sports a pair of slim metal gauntlets with a claw on each finger. The gauntlets are worn over her long, sharp nails which are coated with poison.


A.K.I. initially presents herself as a calm and somewhat gleeful individual, with knowledge of Chinese medicine. However, hidden behind this facade is a sadistic and psychopathic woman - arguably even more so than Juri Han (whose cruelty is a coping mechanism for her trauma). A.K.I. has also mastered the use of poisons, displaying knowledge of their side effects, and seems to enjoy teasing her victims, as seen with the Avatar in World Tour. A.K.I. viewed her fighting technique as a form of "art" and is more than eager to display her "perfect" mastery on others, willingly or not.

A peculiar aspects of A.K.I is her "snake-like" behavior and mannerisms. A.K.I. can be often seen "slithering" on the ground and around the others, both within and outside of the fight. This is further emphasized by her unique "shi-shi-shi-shi" laugher, which can be interpreted either as a mimicry to snakes or her saying "death" in Chinese.


A.K.I.'s design is based on her fighting style, a combination of Fanged Snake and Poison Hand kung fu, fusing the two together to give her a white snake motif. Her hairstyle is based on a traditional Japanese straw hat called a "kasa" (related to the word "umbrella" in Japanese)[1], which is seen as an assassin's symbol. [2]

Character Relationships[]



A.K.I.'s mentor, who took her under his tutelage away from a life of poverty after she admired the writing engraved on his dagger.



The archenemy of her master F.A.N.G, as well as her own archenemy.


Street Fighter 6[]

A poison-wielding apprentice of F.A.N.G, the former Shadaloo officer. Enchanted by the power of toxins, nothing brings her more joy than testing them on a new target—other than attention from her “master,” that is.

Arcade Mode[]

World Tour[]



A.K.I's gameplay centers around long-ranged nail swipes and poison attacks combined with tricky movement.

Fighting style[]




  • A.K.I. is the series' second playable female fighter from China, following Chun-Li.
  • Given A.K.I.'s relationship with F.A.N.G, it is often speculated that she is Phantom, the young girl that he takes under his tutelage after she admires the writing on his dagger.
    • Her name is written as 阿鬼, with the 阿 being a prefix attached to names to reflect familiarity, and 鬼 being the kanji for 'phantom'.
    • A.K.I.'s relationship with F.A.N.G. is similar to that of Ed and Balrog's, being a disciple of a Shadaloo King that previously appeared as a non-playable supporting character.
  • The way A.K.I utilizes her poison nails is nearly similar to Elder Toguro in the manga/anime series, YuYu Hakusho.